Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Unmortals

He ran hard. The monstrous growling and slashing was almost upon him. He tried jumping up the side of the smooth wall but it was still too high for him, and he slipped down its slick sides. Another foot lower—the wall needed to be only one foot lower and he might be able to swing his body up on top. He ran blindly into the mist, skimming his fingers against the top edge of the wall, when all of a sudden, a piercing wail filled the mist in front of him, and his heart sunk as he realized that he was now surrounded on both sides.
His only escape lay away from the protective root. The only logical thing to do was to run with all his might into the deathly mist. There was no time to wait! He bounded forward, but then stopped short, toppling back against the wall. A host of ghostly yellow eyes, wickedly sharp and horrifying as death approached him from all three sides. There was no escape.

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