Saturday, October 10, 2009

Departers and Arrivers

Jonathan looked down at the leather–bond manual with the words, 'Celeste Robin Knight' embossed in gold.
“She’ll be an infant for awhile, and won’t do much but sleep. Read through this during those times.”
Jonathan thumbed through it, knowing pretty much that he wouldn’t need it. How difficult could it be watching a baby girl, especially one marked for early death? He slipped it into his shirt pocket.
“You’ll get there a few seconds before she arrives. Make sure she sees you.”
Jonathan raised one eyebrow, “Sees me, sir?” Clients didn’t see their guardians. He was sure of it.
“Yes, Jonathan—sees you. Celeste is a rather special child.”
“She can see me?” Jonathan grimaced. Did that mean he’d actually have to … communicate with her? The thought horrified him.
“Just during certain times,” Saunders said, adjusting his tie.
A cold wave of energy rushed up the sides of Jonathan’s body. He felt dizzy, and looked down to see his feet and then his legs, wavering as if they were submerged in a pool of water. During certain times, he thought? Now more than ever he was glad to have had the good sense to request an early marked death. What else could they possibly expect of him? He shuddered as his torso and finally his head flickered and then vanished as all at once he whisked down a tight tunnel to some heaven-forsaken destination on earth.


Tara said...

wow....this seems like it is going to be VERY interesting. I like it so far!

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Thanks Tara!

Susan Knight said...

More! More!

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Thanks Susan!