Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New Home

Well at least he could have some peace for the remainder of the flight. Which, he glanced down at his standard issued white-banded watch, was half over. It would have been just fine too, except that Markus started to chuckle, low at first and then louder with each chortle. Jonathan turned his back to him, but a minute later Markus started laughing out loud. Jonathan snapped around, “Will you just cut it out!”
Markus looked at him surprised, “Oh, sorry.” He returned to reading, but momentarily started chuckling again. He nudged Jonathan in the ribs, “Ho, ho! If my client retains any of her pre-earth misfortune, she’s in for a lot of random disasters!”
Jonathan grabbed the manual out of his hand and Markus’s face went as white as its leather cover.
“You can’t do that!” Markus yelled.
“Do what? Shut you up?” Oh yes he could, and it appeared as if he had.
“Jonathan, I can’t take it back from you! And if you don’t give it back to me quickly, you won’t be able to!” Markus was fading to nothing right before Jonathan’s eyes.
Jonathan’s eyes widened and he threw the manual back on Markus’ lap. Markus’ image wavered and then slowly reappeared. Jonathan sat still and faced forward. What just happened? He glanced over at Markus who was breathing heavily. “Are you okay?” Jonathan asked. “I … I didn’t mean to … whatever I did ….”
Markus’ breathing returned to normal. He grabbed the manual and slipped it into his pocket. “A Guardian’s Rite … a Guardian’s Rite …” he mumbled.
Jonathan shook his head, “A guardian has rights?”
“No ... rite … duty and honor …”
“It’s a clause imbedded in our contracts. Didn’t you read it?” He looked at Jonathan incredulously.
“Well … um, I guess I must have skipped over that part.”
Markus turned in his seat and faced him. “Jonathan, you never, I mean NEVER take another guardian’s client’s manual!”
“Because it means that you are placing a writ of grievance on that guardian!”


Gretchen said...

Intense,I look forward to reading the whole book.

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Thanks Gretchen!