Saturday, October 10, 2009

Death Resistor

They pulled down a tree-lined driveway and stopped in front of an older, three-story Victorian house. “Isn’t it lovely?” Grace removed the bands from their wrists and lowered the partition.
Jonathan stared at it. Lovely was hardly his choice of words. It was more like decrepit, dilapidated, and rundown, which would describe any abode when compared to heaven. He slipped down the sides of the car and stepped aside as Rose removed Faith from the car seat. Grace followed Rose and Faith onto the front porch and turned, motioning for Jonathan to follow, but before he got to the top of the steps, she raised her hand and commanded him to stop in an angry tone. “What?” he asked surprised.
“No, not you, silly!” she said, waving him forward. “Them.” She pointed behind Jonathan.
The hair pricked on the back of his neck as he bounded up the steps beside her and turned around. The driveway was overflowing with sheydims, all wearing the same dull outfit, and all looking mighty unpleasant.

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